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    Towards a sustainable construction environment

    With K-Eco Solutions, we are an active team with the following criteria:

     Target:  Create intelligent building materials, capable of automatically inserting, saving time and construction costs.

     Mission:  Create a sustainable, friendly and efficient construction environment. Improve life better, more fully, cleaner for everyone.

     Vision:  Become a successor and promote technology innovation in construction architecture industry.


    ⇒ Our solution has been registered for exclusive patent rights. Our products have exclusive industrial design registration. Organizations and individuals wishing to cooperate and use copyright, please contact us. All Rights Reserved.

    • K-Eco Solution

      Block bricks are self-inserted with recycled materials

             KX-ECO's Brick Block system is designed to be smart and useful, you can assemble it into a wall array without using mortar. With smart solutions, they are integrated together like puzzle pieces in a lego puzzle game. Another advantage of this product is the main material used from the waste tires combined with cement and sand. Waste tires cover through the process of extracting and grinding into rubber particles, combining specific materials to create high-strength and durable materials, put into molds, handle presses. finished products, do not use traditional brick burning method. More specifically, the design of this block brick, with careful and scientific calculations from architect designers, the entire wall system of the construction works revolves around only 8 bricks light, sustainable, easy to apply and soundproof, waterproof, heat-resistant ...

      1 main brick + 7 other bricks = Wall

      New construction technology

             KX-ECO Block is not just a brick, it is a building construction system consisting of bricks that are firmly interlocked, not using mortar and self-aligning. This intelligent system helps to build solid and durable walls without any mixture or tile adhesive, shortening construction time, saving money and resources, bringing Economic efficiency for investors.

      Product system includes:

       Brick Block        Floor        Roof 


      > Application for residential, housing and apartment, homestay projects

      > Application for office buildings, schools, hospitals, religious buildings

      > Application for industrial buildings, factories, warehouses

      > Application for fence system, resettlement, renovation, public toilets, shop ...

      Click see more by 360 Degree 3D VR:

       Open Area for house 01 

       Bedroom for house 01   

       Bathroom for house 01  

    • Total Solution



      Save time

      Application Faster up to 50% time and more effective than traditional methods.

      Save resources

      Use Less necessary materials and construction tools. Save over 70% of water.


      Construction Easy assembly, only with minimal training, anyone can do it yourself.

      Sustainable for Building

      Self-structured, better than traditional construction methods.

      Electricity and Water

      There is an integrated Sound and Hole system for installation of Power & Water sources.


      Sustainable systems reduce the use of natural resources.



      Heat and sound insulation
      High thermal and sound insulation thanks to its shape, material and double-sided joining.



      The construction site is clean, less dust and waste, high use efficiency.
      Saving production materials, environmentally friendly.


      Create sustainable, solid, high quality projects with reasonable and economical prices.
      Materials can be reused when they have to be renovated, changed or relocated.






    K-Eco Solutions

    Level 3, Kien Xinh House, 283/38 Cach Mang Thang Tam, Ward.12, District 10, HCMC, VN

    P: (+84) 0903 855 288    E: kecos@kienxinh.com    W: k-ecos.com

    R&D Center & Test

    Truong Luu St., Ward. Long Truong, District 9, HCMC, VN.

    K-Eco Factory

    Luc Vien St., My Hanh Bac, Duc Hoa, Long An, VN

    ⇒ Our solution has been registered for exclusive patent rights. Our products have exclusive industrial design registration. Organizations and individuals wishing to cooperate and use copyright, please contact us.

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